Dagobert presents MasterArp - August 2016 Feature

Dagobert has been without question, one of the most mysterious, yet exciting names to watch over the past 15 years. As one of the leading artists who helped lay the foundation for the German imprint Dominance Electricity, with a plethora of classic vinyl releases under his belt like "Ready To Rock", "Sonic Sound Of Bass", "Astronauten" with Kalson, as well as his newest release called "Startopology", the kind of mastery, soulfulness, and intricate attention to detail found in his eclectic music is really something quite unique to the artist alone. 


This month, we have the great honor of featuring his first set for TechnoBass, recently recorded at Campus Bauhaus in Germany July of this year, taking the listener through a broad collection of songs mixed and mashed to perfection, making for a bomb dropping set of Techno Bass, Breaks, and slightly more commercial sounds that you cannot miss on. For the die-hards, expect the tenacity and melodic genius of Dagobert, including material from his new MasterArp project. For the newcomers, the sounds you'll find here throughout will seem familiar with today's EDM sound in some ways, yet strongly rooted in the history of our music, ensuring when you are done listening....you will be a veteran of the sound! But, there really is no more time to explain, so get in and enjoy the ride.


*Don't forget to watch the entire live performance on our brand-new Youtube channel below, recorded by the artist in HD for your viewing pleasure!







1. MasterArpRMX - Strobo Trailer Mix 120 to 130bpm
2. Guau - Underground (Original Mix)
3. DJ Hero - NAD T770 (Original Mix)
4. Sporty-O - Let Me Hit It (Keith MacKenzie Remix)
5. Quadrat Beat - Sky (Yo Speed Remix)
6. Pray For Bass - Fuck The Feelings (Original Mix)
7. Meat Katie, D. Ramirez, Odissi - Stop The Revolution (Bassbin Twins Remix)  
8. Agent K - S%%#t Goes Down (Original Mix)
9. Frey, Waxy - Club Crusher (Original Mix)
10. Slam - Azure (DAVI Remix)
11. Beastie Boys, M83 - Midnight Galactic
12. Dagobert vs. MasterArp - Nighthawk
13. Justice - Safe And Sound
14. Nero, Veronika Alex - Vremya Nazad (Original mix)
15. Far Too Loud - Drop The Bomb
16. Michael White, Deflo - 10 AM (Original Mix)
17. Flowstate - Voodoo (Original Mix)
18. Dagobert vs MasterArp - Deep In Love
19. Pray For Bass - Keep Praying (Original Mix)
20. Le Castle Vania - Raise The Dead (Nick Thayer Remix)
21. Dagobert aka MasterArp - Thank You Basstronauts      




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