Binalog Frequency | September 2015 Feature

For a man who doesn't sleep or eat unless it is synthetic overtones, by now what we have seen from Binalog Frequency are several years of high-octane output under his various pseudonyms, as well as that of many of the best artists in the scene from around the world with integrity and dedication to the sound.


This month, Binalog Frequency signs his first-ever feature, with this heart-pounding mix of some of his best material on his very own imprint "Binalog Productions"; ranging from machine-like Techno, to classic and inspiring Electro Funk and Futuristic Techno Bass. 


Catch this set, as it is truly an honor for us to feature it, and quite frankly long overdue here on the site. You won't regret it, and in fact, you may get mad at us for not having done this a little sooner! Get in, buckle up, and enjoy the ride! 













1. Morton’s Vision – Cut 1 | Binalog Productions

2. Don Acid – Brain Drain | Binalog Productions

3. Binalog Frequency – Mad Lab Funk (Bad Lab Punk) | Binalog Productions

4. Binalog Frequency – Alien Lab | Binalog Productions

5. Binalog Frequency – Tractrix | Binalog Productions

6. Binalog Frequency – Photons | Binalog Productions

7. Binalog Frequency – Obsession | Binalog Productions

8. Binalog Frequency – Aneemal | Binalog Productions

9. Binalog Frequency – Radioactive | Binalog Productions

10. Binalog Frequency – Praxis I | Binalog Productions

11. Binalog Frequency – AF2 Theme | Binalog Productions



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