Andy Barton | May 2015 Feature

A man who needs no introduction, Andy Barton is by now, a prolific figure in our scene who supports all that we do with his illustrious radio show "Bass Agenda" on Future Music (UK), Cue Radio (Paris), as well as 313 Live (Detroit), not to mention his equally illustrious Bass Agenda Recordings; which by now has released a plethora of names ranging from Will Web, to Victoria Lukas as Inkamera, and beyond.


Having also been the first person in our scene to ever do recorded interviews with many artists old and new, who have never really had a chance to express who they are and why they do what they do; we thought he would make a rather interesting feature for this month, and we are sure you'll agree!.


Here, he records his first-ever feature, mixed with class and devotion, bringing out the funk from his trunk with powerful hits by Seldom Seen, The Advent, DJ Assault, DJ Godfather, and many more! Don't miss on this one, and handle with care, this isn't for the faint of heart!











1. Atlantis - Words from Atlantis | Underground Resistance

2. Dave Clarke - Affirmative Magnolia | Music Man

3. w1b0 - Track For My Father | Bass Agenda Recordings

4. Franki Juncaj - Waiting In The Dark (Aux 88 remix) | Decabaret Records

5. Blotnik Brothers - Ergo | Satamile Records

6. DJ Assault - House Down | Electrofunk Records

7. Trip Theory & Debonaire feat. 2BMF - Bring It Low | Debonaire Records

8. Seldom Seen - RIP Slide | Frustrated Funk

9. AUX 88 - Alien Bounce | Puzzlebox Records

10. DJ Skurge - K@r3ir | Underground Resistance 

11. The Advent - Can You See Me | Kombination Research

12. The Advent - Elektra | Kombination Research

13. Alavux - 6V | Battery Park Studio

14. Headnoaks - Power 2 Da Beatz (Disko 69 Remix)

15. Final Dream - Vicious Circle | Audio Illusion

16. Dj Spinn - Da Nastier Da Better (Instrumental Mix) | Juke Traxx

17. Alien FM - Large Mechanics | Puzzlebox Records

18. DJ Godfather - Let's Jit | Dirty Knock Records

19. FAH - We Warned You That This Life Could End You (with Designate Hoodlums extract from Weedhead | Rockhead Records) | Bass Agenda Recordings



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