Leandro Gore | December 2015 Feature

After finishing up with the release of his new "Electronomia" EP, with partner Rafael Isnik on their imprint "Urban Dance Records", the Lux 4 Attack "Mad Vocalist" records his first-ever TechnoBass feature to date and with much anticipation. 


Featuring songs by Underground Resistance, Pip Williams, Kosmozo, Blastromen, as well as a showcase of some of the works found on their new EP, this punishing Techno Bass mix will get you moving from beginning to end as you get through the workweek....just don't let your co-workers hear it, they might like it! What are you waiting for? Get in...











1. Blastromen - Computer Simulator

2. Lux 4 Attack - Electro Dos Pretos

3. Underground Resistance - Electronic Warfare

4. Exzakt - Futureshock

5. Mr. Velcro Fastener - Cityscapes

6. Thomas Kress - Controlling The Crowd

7. Keith Tucker - Face Your Fate

8. Altern 8 - Return to Techno City

9. Blastromen - Sexy Droid

10. The Advent - E-Trax

11. Anthony Rother - When The Sun Goes Down

12. Lux 4 Attack - Zumbi Nation

13. Lux 4 Attack - Psycho Tec

14. JR 10 - Bass Madrid

15. Kosmozo - Squinted Eyes

16. Cyberquery - Twilight zone

17. Pip Williams - Man vs Machine



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