Jackal & Hyde

Call it what you will: Electro, Electrocore, or even perhaps Techno Bass on hyperdrive. Whatever their music is to you, there is one thing everyone can agree on: Jackal & Hyde's sound in the late '90s was as much a catalyst for the 3rd wave of our music, as Dynamix II and groups like Aux 88 were to the continuation of Electro Funk as its Bass counterpart in the late '80s. 


Composed of long-time friends Scott Weiser (former DII member), and Todd Walker, the duo's debut on Hallucination Recordings (Rabbit In The Moon) in 1997, "Beyond/Get Down To My Technique", struck the earth in the region of Florida with the force of a 10-mile wide meteor. The influence was palpable. The knowing we had crossed a bridge from which we would not return. Suddenly, in a thriving scene, happy Ravers were catapulted to the furthest reaches of the universe, only to come back not as they once were. There was an edge that could cut you with ease, an evolution that seemed to bring in so many elements in this very futuristic approach, that through darker melodies, pounding robotic beats, and mind-altering sound manipulations somehow seemed to convey the future was here and now. 


It was industrial music without the oppressive political torment. It was Rave culture music that no longer catered to the idea it had to be "happy" or soulful to rock dancefloors, it was Electronic Music, but not in its general sense, without the annoying trends that often accompany what winds up becoming commercially successful. Jackal & Hyde were a brand-new sound that somehow appealed to all corners, ironically enough achieving not just a great deal of underground popularity, but mainstream success as well; even drawing in the names of artists like Kid Rock, No Doubt, and Limp Bizkit. Since their debut, the duo has not just become a staple of live performances and for many types of crowds, but also have remained quite busy in the studio, releasing a plethora of very succesful EPs, as well as the warmly received album "The Badlands".


When asked about why he decided to pursue this project during the '90s in light of what seemed like ongoing success for his long-time partnership as half-member of the iconic Dynamix II, Scott Weiser recalls that: "I wanted to make a harder sounding form of Electro, David Noller did not. My background is in Industrial Music and I’m not such a fan of the kitchen sink style approach. Making records that could be played next to Stevie-B’s "Party Your Body’ at a roller skating rink was just not my thing, so Jackal and Hyde was created so I could pursue a more grittier hard edged sound".


While the duo has remained fairly loyal to their original imprint Hallucination Recordings over their career, Jackal & Hyde have also been released on labels such as Detelefunk, Monotone USA, Warped Recordz, Lowphat Recordings, and recently, on German powerhouse Dominance Electricity with the EP "Bad Robot", followed by their latest collaboration with Miami Bass overlord Otto Von Schirach, and their hit "Supermeng 3".


Marking a nearly 5 year hiatus from releasing records, their return could not have been more warmly welcomed, and no less of a continuing evolution of their hard-hitting sound. The typical artworks (by the infamous Drone) we have always known from their records, could not more perfectly describe what Jackal & Hyde have always been to our music: a force of nature, a mischievious duo concocting a sound that stirs the pot in such a way, that it obliterates the unworthy masses who cannot process their awesome forward-thinking sound.


A very unique duo to say the least, who have stood the test of time, influencing a new generation of very successful producers who continue the legacy of their Electrocore style. So for now, check out their new material on Dominance Electricity, and stay tuned! As Jackal & Hyde are back, and are better than ever with much works in the pipeline due out in the coming months! Long live the underground!





Written by: Santino Fernandez

Image Credits: © Scott Weiser

October 2016