Artist Highlights


Born Gerald C. Calliste Jr., Hashim  has been one of the most influential Electro-Funk producers of all time, with his particular style perhaps being the key factor in the evolution of the sound to its modern successor, "Electro Bass", or "Techno Bass".

Jeremiah Shaw

Jeremiah Shaw, formerly known as Torq, is a Detroit-born Techno and Electro/Techno Bass producer.


As we continue to dive deeper and deeper into the mysterious, and often confusing, underworld that is the history of Electro music, we travel back in time to Miami, and highlight one of the most legendary of all the Bass music pioneers, Maggotron.


Komarken Electronics

Since 2007, Komarken Electronics has been one of those names that mysteriously keeps popping up everywhere you go and with everyone you talk to about Electro music. Based out of Kungälv, Sweden, this artist has had a subtle, yet consistent momentum of releases on various labels like Stilleben Records, Solar One Music, Black Montanas, and just recently, Dominance Electricity.


Label Highlights

Dynamix II Records

Dynamix II as a group in itself has been very influential, but one of the key components in the success of the group was the founding of  David Noller’s label “Dynamix II Records”, releasing a wide array of Techno Bass music, Hip Hop, and Miami Bass during the first half of the 90s by artists like Jealous J, MC ADE, Debonaire as his "Quad Queen" pseudonym, and Scott Weiser and Todd Walker's earlier works which eventually brought you "Jackal N Hyde".

XOX Records

Launched in 2002, XOX Records has been delivering a slow-paced, but quality driven catalog of music from various Finnish artists, some of which have gone on  to become staple names in Techno Bass music, like Blastromen and Sero.


Metroplex Records

Metroplex is without question, the originator of Detroit Techno. Following on the footsteps of Deep Space Records, Juan Atkins' first label, it also preceded Transmat, and KMS; which were founded by the other 2 pioneers of the sound, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May.


Devine Disorder Records

Since 2009, Miami's Devine Disorder Records has had an onslaught of releases from many new artists that have become staple household Electro names, like R21, Zerodouble, Magnetic Bass Force, Rawtary, Prototype, and many more.