Artist Highlights

Sync 24

Born Phil Bolland, Sync 24 has been on a relentless mission over the last decade to spread his uncanny style of Techno Bass to the masses, continuously expanding upon his own accomplishments, and always leaving the listener to wonder: "what will come next?"; sometimes even the occassional: "how does he do that?".



Few bands can be attributed with having such an everlasting and widespread influence over the many genres of music, primarily Hip Hop and Electronic music, as Newcleus can.


As one of the most exciting acts to come to the spotlight over the last couple of years, GROW continues to unleash a very unique sound to the masses, with his incredibly powerful, dark, and experimental Miami styled Techno Bass. Ultrasonic bass drops, intelligent edits, mesmerizing synth lines, and industrial vocals are but just a few things to notice about his music that stand out as being extraordinary.


Born Gerald C. Calliste Jr., Hashim  has been one of the most influential Electro-Funk producers of all time, with his particular style perhaps being the key factor in the evolution of the sound to its modern successor, "Electro Bass", or "Techno Bass".

Label Highlights

Jamron Records

Founded by visionary Miami Bass pioneer James McCauley aka Maggotron, Jamron Records, a sub-label to the sub-label Jamarc Records of Pandisc, had a somewhat short, but highly influential catalog of releases that in many ways shaped  the direction that Electro Funk, and Miami Bass would take into the late ‘80s, as the the sounds of what many today call “Electro” began to fade away, eventually to resurface as Techno Bass music in the early ‘90s.

Crobot Muzik

Hailing from Croatia, the Crobots have been on the attack on their imprint, "Crobot Muzik", since 2007, featuring revered artists like Paul Blackford, Dynamik Bass System, N-ter,  and DJ XED to name just but a few. With 27 titles to choose from, you are bound to have plenty of bass for you to shake a stick at, while the genius productions you will find on their catalog, will imprint a sound on your mind that will make an everlasting impression.

Interdimensional Transmissions

Going strong for nearly 20 years, Interdimensional Transmissions has been one of the true purveyors of the Techno Bass sound, not only being one of the few labels in the nineties that kept "Electro" alive, but also an inspiration for innovation in the 2000's, when the sound started to make a strong comeback.


Satamile Records

Founded in 1995 by Andrew Price , Satamile has been the longest running Electro label out of NYC. Specializing in the sounds of Electro/Techno Bass, the label has released well known names such as Bolz Bolz, Umwelt, Roadking, Heuristic Audio, and many more.


Gear Highlights


The world of Electronic music composition and programming continues to get more exciting lately, as news come in of more releases of various types of gear ranging from Semi-Modular synths, drum machines, Sound Modules; and now here we are again: this time not just with the rebirthing of old legends, but innovating upon their original ideas with Roland's recent announcement on the release of its new series called "AIRA".


Korg MS20 Mini

Easily the biggest hardware release of the last 10 years, the Korg MS 20 Mini, at 86% the size of its original counterpart, boasts all of the same components, with revisions on the oscillators which are digitally stabilized, as well as a MIDI In ( no LFO sync ) and USB sockets for full implementation into any DAW environment.