Artist Highlights

Bass 305

As a pivotal influence on the development of Intelligent Miami Bass, otherwise known as "Miami Techno Bass", Bass 305; founded by Mark and David Watson, would pave the way to not only one of the most influential Bass discographies, but also one of the most iconic music groups still in business.


Bass Junkie

Phil Klein, aka Bass Junkie, has been releasing some of the most innovative and cutting edge music of the past 15 years, on labels like Breakin', Touchin' Bass, Parallax, Elektrix, along many others, also working under many aliases like iBorg, Gods Of Technology, IBM ( w/ Scott Weiser ), Cybernet Systems, Kronos Device, to name a few.


The Hidden Persuader

Ever since 2005, there has been an elusive, yet formidable force in the scene going by the name of "The Hidden Persuader".

Will Web

In our synthesized version of reality, Will Web is really quite an interesting figure. One who could perhaps best describe through his music, the deeper connection between Detroit and Miami, and why both cities helped "Electro" survive and evolve into the '90s and beyond.


Label Highlights

CHP Recordings

Launched in 2007 by mastermind, and innovative Miami Techno Bass producer "Grow", CHP has not only served as a platform for the artist to publish their own music, but also to bring in talent from around the world in the form of collaborative projects that have continued to push the envelope time and time again over the years.


Puzzlebox Records

Founded in 1995 by Second Wave pioneers Keith Tucker and Anthony Shakir, the label has since then remained one of the only, and longest-running Techno Bass labels from Detroit; releasing primarily the various pseudonyms that Tucker recorded under, as well as names like "A Number Of Names", "Dynarec", and "Black Electric".


Battery Park Studio

Battery Park Studio is a phenomenon, one of those cases where things just seem to have come into alignment at just the right time and place. At just two years old, the label, with its humble beginnings, has catapulted itself into becoming one of the most prolific digital labels of our new era.


Cultivated Electronics

Founded in 2007 by Phil Bolland aka Sync 24 ( half of Cultek ), the label has been a consistent force in the Techno Bass scene, being perhaps the one label that helped re-inspire many others to start releasing vinyl again after the decline of sales in the mid-00's; not to mention the great deal of influence the music published on the label by many of today's hottest artists has had on the direction things have taken in the past few years.


Gear Highlights

Bass Bot TT-303

There are many amazing synthesizers that have come out throughout the decades, but none have become as widely popular like the Roland TB-303.

Korg littleBits

There is probably nothing more interesting than the small, but long-running and in fact growing "Do-It-Yourself" world of building your own synthesizers.

Moog Sub 37

The name Moog to any synth aficionado is a household name. Pioneering everything from the keyboard synthesizer to the Ladder Filter, and bringing you countless great machines like the MiniMoog, and PolyMoog; the Asheville, North Carolina company returns once again after 30 years of exclusive Monophonic synths, with the Sub 37!


Though not quite a new release, we here at Technobass.net thought we should pay respects to a little monster that in many ways inspired the revolution in hardware, most specifically Analog, leading us to where we are now...an exciting moment in time, a convergence of sorts!