Artist Highlights

Scape One

Born and raised along the UK's South Coast, Kurt Baggaley aka Scape One, has been one of the most formidable forces in the scene for what really could be said to be over 30 years and counting.


Wild Planet

Debuting in 1992 on the famous Warp Records, Wild Planet aka Simon Hartley started off what has been an illustrious music career, releasing some of the finest Detroit-inspired Techno Bass to hit the bins in the past 20 years.


Bass 305

As a pivotal influence on the development of Intelligent Miami Bass, otherwise known as "Miami Techno Bass", Bass 305; founded by Mark and David Watson, would pave the way to not only one of the most influential Bass discographies, but also one of the most iconic music groups still in business.


Bass Junkie

Phil Klein, aka Bass Junkie, has been releasing some of the most innovative and cutting edge music of the past 15 years, on labels like Breakin', Touchin' Bass, Parallax, Elektrix, along many others, also working under many aliases like iBorg, Gods Of Technology, IBM ( w/ Scott Weiser ), Cybernet Systems, Kronos Device, to name a few.


Label Highlights

Debonaire Records

Founded in 1987 by Miami Techno Bass legend Claudio Barrella a.k.a. Debonaire, Debonaire Records has been a tenacious force that even though short-lived in its beginnings, came back with a vengeance in the late 2000's to become a strong part of the resurgent Electro Bass and Miami Bass scenes; releasing title after title of monumental releases that have received plaudits from all corners of the world.


Deadlock Records

Founded in 2007 by former Detroit Techno Bass producers Sougon and Sublock, the label had a short-lived, but tenacious 2 years in existence, bringing you 4 unique pieces of vinyl and featuring the works of Paul Blackford, Boris Divider, WaveFirm, as well as different collaborations and solo projects amongst the founding members.


Control Tower

As the legendary imprint founded by The Dexorcist and Radioactive Man, Control Tower has been a force to be reckoned with since its inception, with an extensive catalog of some of the hardest and most sinister Electro Bass to come out in some time.


CHP Recordings

Launched in 2007 by mastermind, and innovative Miami Techno Bass producer "Grow", CHP has not only served as a platform for the artist to publish their own music, but also to bring in talent from around the world in the form of collaborative projects that have continued to push the envelope time and time again over the years.


Gear Highlights

Akai Rhythm Wolf

Stepping up to the plate in the midst of this exciting Analog and hardware revolution is none other than Akai, the legendary company responsible for iconic machines such as the MPC2000, having spent some time re-inventing itself as a "Controller" company, and here once again it is original domain.

Dave Smith Pro 2

Dave Smith never seizes to amaze anyone over the years with machine after machine built with such quality and care in design.


If you are familiar with the legendary Sid chips, then you are probably aware of the unique characteristics in sound that they provide. In the early days, they were only available on old Commodore systems like the VC10 ( Ultimax ), or the C64 or C128.

Bass Station II

Novation is back, this time with yet another one of the most iconic Bass machines in synth history: The Bass Station...II! That's right boys and girls, get ready for more mean bass tones, aggressive filter sweeps, and all around warm and powerful analog synthesis that can really give you anything you are looking for; all at your fingertips.