Artist Highlights


Getting their starts in the mid-80's as the mobile DJ crew "We Down Express", Afro-Rican is without question one of the most iconic of all the Miami Bass groups to come out during the genre's height.


Hailing out of Italy, Gabriel Aquillini, aka Gab.Gato has been a prevalent force in the Electro Funk and Techno Bass scene for many years now, appearing on countless E.P.s and compilations on labels like Electrolab and Dominance Electricity to name a few; not to mention his own "The Villains Inc.", which was founded in 2007.



X-ile is primarily the product of Marnita Harris, and LaToya Vaughn; produced by Tommy "Tom Tom" Hamilton of Aux 88, and published through Direct Beat during the label's later years. Though short-lived, and with a small discography, the duo ( or should we say trio ) left its mark with a bass-heavy foot print that shook floors all across the globe on various compilations, and as a weapon of choice to any DJ who understood what Techno Bass was all about.



Japanese Electro Bass producer Yosuke Ikeda, aka AE35 has been a prevalent force in the small, but highly talented Japanese Electro scene, with releases on iconic labels like FdB Recordings, and Crobot Muzik.


Label Highlights

Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings

Founded in 2004 by prolific Japanese Electro Bass artist AE35, Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings is a product of hope and frustration shared by many across the world, as we fight to let the music be heard in a world confused and subverted into believing that the mediocrity found in music today is acceptable.

Access Tonal Communications

Founded in 2001 by Mr. E, and SEK01, Access Tonal Communications has been a label that since its inception, has set out to be different; rebelling against the status quo, and bringing you fresh and innovative Electro Bass with a message. With a roster of artists like The Hidden Persuader, InHuman Designed, Info_Cifon, and Jon E.

Direct beat

Founded by the "Burden Brothers" ( Octave One, Random Noise Generation ) as sub-label to the already highly successful 430 West Records, Direct Beat looking back could be said to have been much more than just another label; it was a pioneering platform for the 2nd wave of Techno; commonly referred to as "Detroit Techno Bass", that would go on to influence so many different genres and countries over the decade it was in business, and yet another decad

Mars Frequency

Spanish label Mars Frequency has been a welcomed addition to the growing roster of labels in the Electro scene, kicking things off in 2010 with the first installment of the "Mars Frequency Compilation Vol. 1", featuring works by Spanish artists Negocious Man, Synth Alien, Robert Cosmic, and Datacrashrobot, as well as that of other great up and coming names like MicroControlUnit, DVS NME, Pip Williams, DJ Hash, and Meka.


Gear Highlights

Korg SQ-1

Back in the late '70s after the birth of the infamous Korg MS-20, an inseparable sidekick would come to the aid of the beloved semi-modular synthesizer, assisting in any and all sequencing duties: The mighty SQ-10 Modular Sequencer!


Roland returns with yet another hot item from its AIRA line, showing that one of the pioneers is still alive and kicking, and with no lack of desire to continue innovating. This time we are offered what no one seems to have really thought of before, especially when dealing with a true live hardware musician: a true "performance" mixer!

ARP Odyssey

Originally released in 1972, the ARP Odyssey was the company's answer to the incredibly successful "MiniMoog", and was basically a scaled-down version of the infamous ARP 2600.

Pioneer PLX1000

Just when you thought turntables were a thing of the past, even in the midst of what professionals would find as poor versions or imitations of the one and only Technics 1200 turntable, comes what may be a formidable competitor; even to the king of the platter.