Artist Highlights

The Dexorcist

Born Simon Brown in Shepperton, Middlesex U.K., the world slept quietly unaware that soon enough a new force would come into being, proving to be formidable and unwavering in its drive to annihilate the unsuspecting masses in need of a rude awakening.

InHuman Designed

One of the most interesting local scenes in the International Electro Bass and Funk genres is Florida. For decades it has been a pivotal force of influence that has clearly swayed with determination the direction that our history would take.

Mad Mike

Mike Banks aka "Mad Mike" is an American musician, responsible for the founding of the iconic Detroit Techno imprint "Underground Resistance" along with partner Jeff Mills, and the writing and production of most of the label's early releases.


Born Przemek Kuduk in the city of Szczecin, Poland, Robodrum came into being right at one of the most exciting times in music history: 1982! The birth year of Electro Funk, and Detroit Techno.

Label Highlights

Noxgenus Recordings

Born in Nijmegen, Netherlands back in 1998 as a collective of analog Electronic Music enthusiasts, Noxgenus Recordings has been a pivotal force in the Electro scene, working as a Creative Commons Netlabel since its official launch in 2008, yet always providing its material for free since its inception as perhaps the original Netlabel of sorts, so far bringing us 15 r

Twilight 76

Founded in 1994 in the city of Detroit by natives Brian Jeffries (DJ Godfather), Brian Gillespie (DJ Starski), and DJ Dick, Twilight 76 quickly became the segway from the second wave of Electro Funk and Techno in its Techno Bass form, as we marched into the 2000's into what is considered as the "Third Wave" of our music.


SMB Records

Founded in Leytonstone, UK in 1999, SMB Records was one of the very prolific Electro Bass labels to carry our music from its "Second Wave" heyday in the '90s, into the 2000's where the true evolution of the sound had occurred.

Zero One Music

Founded by one of the Detroit Techno Bass pioneers, Will Web, Zero One Music was born in a time when what could be considered as the 3rd wave of Electro Funk, in the form of Electro Bass, came around and this time for good.

Gear Highlights

Roland JD XA

Roland is on fire folks, what else can we say? The company has been seeing a tremendous breath of fresh air following through its corridors as we continue to see machine after machine released that is creating such hype in hardware, that it may be safe to say music making with plug-ins is a fish dead in the water.

AIRA System-1m Modular Plug out synthesizer

Roland returns once again, as it becomes increasingly clear the company is on a quest to re-assert itself as the hardware revolution continues, and rightfully so; it was one of the originators, and while it seemed to take a step back during the "Digital Revolution", here they are again innovating and setting the bar even higher than before.

Moog System 55 Limited Re-issue

As if we hadn't had enough monumental re-issues, and brand new releases of amazing analog and digital hardware coming out in the recent years, Moog, the king of the synth, just had to come home roaring in, reminding everyone of who started it all.

Prophet 6

Dave Smith returns under his original "Sequential Circuits" brand, evolving on one of the most legendary analog synthesizers of all time: the Prophet 5! What was then one of the first polyphonic synthesizers, helping to revolutionize on what had been over a decade of nearly-exclusive Monophonic synths.