Artist Highlights

D.J. Jealous J.

One of the most famous Miami Bass artists perhaps you've never heard of is D.J. Jealous J. Having been in the Miami area not just during the height of Electro Funk, or the birth of Miami Bass, but also the subsequent evolution of the sound into its "Intelligent" counterpart, "Techno Bass" music, Jealous J.


Born Richard Elliott, Lektroid as we have come to know him, is no new face in the Electro scene. Starting out as a child who fell in love with the building of DIY synthesizers, he would eventually follow the path of least resistance and start writing his own music in the 80's, after years of being inspired by many of the sounds of the decade, as well as the devices he loved building.


As one of the most legendary and prolific of Detroit artists and label owners, Aaron-Carl made a name for himself not just through his own works, but also remixing many popular names like Aux 88, Underground Resistance, and DJ Bone to name a few, also founding the very successful "Wallshaker Music" imprint in 1998, along with its sister company Cherry Juice Recordings based in Amsterdam. 


Long time Electro supporter and all around music lover "Johan Sebastian Bot", also known as DVS NME, is no new item on our menu.

Label Highlights

Plonk Recordings

Primarily the brainchild of Jonas Lund aka Kretz, long time veteran of the underground with past projects on labels like Plump House, Sub-Stance, and Mo' Wax, now also releasing under the monikers Anode and Rex 42, Plonk Recordings is a product of the many years Jonas has spent in the music industry; especiallly as an analog synth enthusiast with a deep passion for soulful and conscious Machine Pop!

Red Planet

As sub-label to Underground Resistance, Red Planet has been perhaps one of the most classic Detroit labels ever to come out of the city's wide range of musical talent.

Body Control Records

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A., Body Control Records has been a non-stop force in our scene since 2013, bringing us a wide array of titles by some of your favorite artists like -=UHU=-, Robodrum, Weakmassive, and of course, label mastermind Mr. Myoplast. The label was originally conceived as Ben Wehunt, founder of the imprint explains: "after my good friend Kyle from Virtual Urban Records was putting out various compilations in which many of my music friends were involved.

Frajile Recordings

Founded in 1999 by Florida Electro Bass veteran James Wolfe of Resident Alien fame, Frajile Recordings was part of the 3rd wave of our music to bring a whole new generation of artists to the stage with a unique drive to push the envelope of the sound; especially that of the region in a way that has always set it aside from the rest. As Wolfe explains: "I started Frajile Recordings because i wasn't happy with the music coming out at the time.

Gear Highlights

Korg Minilogue

Korg returned just in time for NAMM this year, with what may one of their most promising issues of the last 15 years since the release of the MS2000 and MicroKorg.

Moog Mother-32

Moog enters the Eurorack arena by introducing the classy "Mother-32" Semi-Modular synthesizer, a beautiful patcheable machine almost resembling a keyboradless MS-20; but bringing in the menacing raw power of the Monophonic Moog analog synth engine. Featuring MIDI connectivity (In, MIDI to CV conversion), as well as a powerful 32-step sequencer, the Mother-32 offers up massive sonic sculpting power to both amateurs and pros who are looking to truly be part of the creative process. 

Roland Boutique Series

Roland is back, and this time re-introducing the world to 3 of the most iconic synthesizers of all time: The Jupiter-8, Juno-106, and JX-3P! These new versions are as big as a book, yet sound as huge as their original versions; even boasting some new features that fans of their predecessors would have begged for back when these were first issued.

Moog Werkstatt-01

Moog is back, and after much success at the Moogfest 2014 festival in Asheville, North Carolina, where VIP engineering session attendees got to learn how to build their own Monophonic synthesizer, a huge demand from the general public came flooding in to the company who has decided to release a build kit of one of their most interesting instruments to date...the Werkstatt-01!