Artist Highlights

Giuseppe Mereu

Italian composer and producer Giuseppe Mereu, an iconic figure with a unique story to tell about our music, rose to notoriety quickly after his debut release on Greek imprint Binalog Productions with "Human Robot", and followed by his first album "Elektrowelt"; a marvel of a record, showing exactly the kind of depth and vision that Giuseppe Mereu had for Electro Bas


Hailing from Serbia, Alavux is one of the purveyors of the Electro-Techno sound in his region of Eastern Europe, where together with his E75 crew, our music has been represented with passion and dedication for well over 20 years.

Jeff Mills

As one of the pioneers of the Detroit Techno scene, Jeff Mills is a superhero of sorts, not just in his local scene, but in the Electronic Music industry as a whole.


Jason McCracken aka "Illektrolab' is one of the more mysterious artists to come out of the highly-influential Satamile legacy; which even with a small discography under his belt, the iconic releases to come from this skilled programmer, producer, and even turntablist have made him a name to look for in the Techno Bass scene. Based around a heavy Sci-Fi aesthetic, where in dystopian times wars are fought via sound, Illektrolab's "Low Frequency Mind Control" technology becomes the wea

Label Highlights

Dadeabass Recordings

Short-lived, yet highly influential imprint Dadeabass Recordings; based in Miami, Florida, came about in 2007 while in the midst of a strong resurgence of Electro Bass and Funk music. Founded by Nick Riesco (Teknik), along with his fellow band of brothers DJ Emil and Mr.


There are great labels out there, many of them! But out of those, there are these certain ones that seem to bring in a very standout and unique approach that is captivating, enriching and mysterious at the same time. One of them is the infamous German imprint Over-X-Posure.

City Beat Records

Ever since the year 2000, a signal from a distant past has been reaching us; a time when man and machine began to unite, yet our sense of tribalism prevailed as it merged into a modern mix of Urban culturalism, coupled with the primitive need to unite through dance and music as we always have.


Battle Trax

Battle Trax is one of those labels that feels like a privilege when you get a hold of one of their records, an honor if you will. While many work hard to compete in who can get the most releases out in one year, others work hard at simply standing out of the crowd once that year! These labels put out what become rare gems, and for it over time they become legendary in their own right.

Gear Highlights

Korg Volca Kick

Korg continues to diversify its Volca series with the recent release of additions like the new digital sampler, as well as its new FM synthesizer, the "Volca FM". This time, the company introduces us to a tool that I personally find quite fascinating; even as the naysayers might complain of its odd simplicity and perhaps out-of-place approach. But let's talk about this, I can happily explain! 


Korg Volca FM

If you thought Korg was over its Volca series, and perhaps moving on to bigger and better things, think again! Korg returns after its popular release of the Minilogue Polyphonic Analog synthesizer, with the Volca FM. As the company states on their website: "The volca series has shed new light on classic technologies, by linking classic sound engines such as the groove machines and early samplers of the past, with the dance music of today.

Arturia MatrixBrute

After huge success with their infamous Brute series, which is made up of their already legendary MiniBrute, as well as the MicroBrute; both available in limited edition colors as well as the original blue colored versions, the French company once known for its high-quality VSTs such as the Moog Modular, returns with something that is not just raising the bar, but raising eyebrows all around the world: The MatrixBrute!